How is Ventilation Important for Attics?

The attic is perhaps one of the most important yet misunderstood parts of the home. Since such part of the house is complicated, they leave it to the architect of the house. However, think about the attic as your personal hat. It avoids you from exposing from extreme heat, it keeps you warm during the cold season while you look good. In addition, it supports the roof by prolonging its service.

Your Attic During Summer

During your elementary days, science class will teach you about heat. But when it comes to homes, without the proper insulation of air in the attic, the attic fills up the heat making your home interior hot and uncomfortable. It pushes the heat down which means the longer the sunny days you have in your area, the more your home would be uncomfortable because of the extreme heat.

So, most homeowners would do is to turn on their AC and turn up the thermos stat. Moreover, if it seems like the AC could not handle the heat, they crank up the several fans. Obviously, the hotter your home could be, the harder you push your air-conditioning unit. At the end of the month, the electrical bill goes up and your AC unit may need maintenance.

Meanwhile, as you feel the extreme heat, the hot air is full of moisture that is stuck in your attic. This causes the materials to deteriorate and can affect the quality of your roof. Ineffective attics ventilation invites mold and mildew that leads to unexpected repairs and maintenance.

Your Attic During Winter

The situation of your attic has no difference during the winter. You need to increase the temperature of your heater in order to make your home cozy. The moisture condenses which can rot the wood and you may need to rebuild the entire roof because of not having the proper insulation in your attic. In case that you are living somewhere with lots of snow coming, it can add more complication to your roof such as ice dams. This freezes the large block to your roof’s eaves and can leave severe damage.

Therefore, regardless of how tough your roofing system can be whether it is a premium metal roofing, without proper ventilation from your attic, it may still require you to spend few more bucks.

Alpha Rain Inc.

Whether you are living in a tropical country or not, the goal of ventilation for attics is to get rid of all that moisture and hot air that is stuck in that particular place that makes serious damage. If you want to keep your home cool  during summer or cozy during winter, you should always consider the proper insulation of air from your attic.

The Alpha Rain Inc. recently developed its patented roof ventilation system which is designed make proper air insulation to the attic. The technology called the Therma-Vent is the only complete ventilation system that can prevent 3 ways heat and these are by releasing, reflecting and stopping the heat.

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