How Metal Roofs are better than Asphalt Shingles?

If you are living somewhere in the United States, as you look out at your window, you can notice that  houses which are typically using asphalt shingle roofs are becoming few and metal roof is actually gaining its dominance. Moreover, you probably already noticed that your neighbors and co-workers are looking for a metal roofing company since they are planning to upgrade their traditional roof into metal roofing. Out of curiosity, here you are right now and learning why such material is becoming the new trend in the roofing industry? So, what makes metal roofing a way beyond better than asphalt shingles? Below are some factors why such material becomes a trend these days.



The biggest reasons, why metal roof Virginia is way better than shingle is its overall look and it is resistant to any kinds of weather. Regardless where you are from or what kind of climates you are dealing on an annual basis, you can’t go wrong with the metal roof. It is tough, it is beautiful and with its stylish look, your house will have an excellent resale value. But, keep in mind that different metal roofs got their different materials. The corrugated metal roof, for example, is the one you can see in barns and farms. While on the other hand, the architectural standing seams are used for residential homes. There is also metal roof that is made of copper, aluminum and galvanized metal.


Environment Impact

The metal roof is equivalent to only half as much as your traditional shingle roofing, this means that you have a lighter structure, It requires less than a half of fossils fuel to produce. Meaning to say that, you are actually helping the environment with your roofing system. In addition, metal is a recyclable material and this is why the federal government reduces your annual taxes. Also, if you are going to compare the effectiveness of your shingle with metal roof, shingle reflects only 5 up to 25% of solar heat striking at your roof. That’s a lot of heat which penetrates down to your home interior, while steel can reflect 20 up to 60% depending on the color of your roof. This will keep your attic cool and can reduce your electricity bill.


Metal roof Components  

Metal roofing components are simple, yet you should hire professional roofing contractor prior to this matter. There will be sheets of galvanized steel, shaping machine, and crank stuff to do the job right. There are rake flashing, assorted screws, gutters, offset flashing metal panels and plenty other things to make your roof durable and wonderful.



Gone are the days where you have to spend most of your hard earned money for repairs and maintenance for your traditional shingle roofing. The materials will just cause you a lot of trouble and expenses. While metal roof will provide you several benefits that you, your son, your grandson up to your great-great grandson can make the most out of it. Single is becoming obsolete and therefore, why not invest on something that you can benefit from to the next generation of your family.

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