FAQs about Standing Seam Metal Roof


Professional roofers need to secure and connect the panels vertically and lock the mechanism to the other side of the panel which is also called as a seam. Standing metal roof panels get secured thanks to its special mechanism process. Then after, the vertical panels will be secured by using the concealed fastener. This allows the expansion and contraction of the standing seam metal roof. As soon as the panel is in place, the adjacent panel will be installed right next to the preceding panel that connects one point to another at the seam. This seam will act like the locking mechanism.

Which will I choose? – Double lock or Snap Lock

Basically, there are two different types of installation, these are the snap lock and double lock panels. The snap lock panels are quick to install, it works by pushing one seam down. However, this installation can only last for about 10 years or so because eventually as the material aged, it can lose and rattles to high winds. The double lock installation, on the other hand, may take some time in order to achieve. Yet, it makes the panels strong and will last over than 50 years or so without any rattling noises even when a strong wind blows. The process is installed with screws, snap panels and installed with nails.

What kind of metal material? – Copper or Aluminum

Copper is the most expensive yet the longest lasting metal roofing system existed today. It does not need to be painted and will not rust. Moreover, it can never be starched or peeled whether if it is a hurricane or snowstorm that comes along the way. Eventually, it will become a beautiful green patina which looks similar to the statue of liberty.it is used mostly in commercial buildings. While, the aluminum metal roof is common in areas with an extreme distinctive region. This kind of material will not rust or corrode which is excellent for residential houses.

Why Alpha Rain Inc.?

Alpha Rain Inc. logoWhen looking for a metal roof contractor, there is more than just a service and the quality a metal roofing company can provide. We Alpha Rain Inc. are not had work in several roofing projects with over than 2 decades of experience. We will give you the exact starting date of the project and a particular end date. The project of course, will vary depending on the weather. Alpha Rain Inc. is not just installing and manufacturing metal roofing but guarantees the peace of mind that your roofing system is in the right hands of professionals.

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