Tips to Assess and Repair Roof HailStorm Damage

You don’t need to have a wild guess whenever hailstorm surges to your area.  As soon as the hail is over and even if the storm did not produce a torrent of rain or the wind alone, it is highly recommended to look for professional roofers and make the most out of your warranty coverage. Work at your insurance company as soon as possible. In case you found damages and leaks, you should call your roofing contractor for repairs and assessment of the damage.

Here are the facts about hail damage:

hail damage

Spotting Roof Damage

You don’t need to climb up to your roof just yet. You can actually start from inspecting your attic for leaks or water damages. If there are signs of water stains appeared from your ceiling and mostly at your walls, then the need of repairs are badly needed. You can look for signs of damages from the ground by checking some fragments of shingles, pieces of metal, stuff from your chimney (if any, pipes, outer edges, and the condition of your exhaust pipes.

What if a Tree Falls from my Roof?

If you noticed that the tree fell on your roof, then this may mean that it could produce a lot of damages. It is advisable to stay out of your home until a professional roofer comes in and determine structural damages. At any time, it may collapse and therefore, you should stay out from your home and call your roofers immediately.


Slates, shingles, membranes, corrosion and rusting through flashing hail can be worrisome. All the materials including the covering can be expected to wear.  You may notice small chunks of hail from the ground. This will determine how much damage has been done from your roof. Of course, the best way to be safe is by contacting professional roofers in your area.

callCall your Insurance Agent

Always bear in mind that most of the insurance company will give you the cheapest option repairs as much as possible with the cheapest roofing company. Why? Because of the fact that they want to save their money. But, you as the insurance holder has the right to choose the right roofing company for the needs of your repairs. Work with the roofing company and with the insurance company which can be fair to both parties.

Alpha Rain Inc. logoLocate the Right Roofer

The Alpha Rain Inc. have been serving homes, repairs hail damage and produces high-quality metal roof in most part of Virginia. The company is the name you can trust when it comes to roofing, ventilation system and high-end technology for your roofing needs. For damage in Virginia, the Alpha Rain Inc. will send a trained professional inspect any damages from your roof, and coordinate with the insurance company adjuster. The company will ensure all you needs in your roofing in a very reasonable way. You have at least 2 years to make a claim with your insurance company hence, as soon as the hailstorm strikes and there is a manifestation of leaks due to hail damage, you have to report the damage soon otherwise they may deny your claim.

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