FAQs about Metal Roofing System–Alpha Rain

So you have decided to upgrade your traditional asphalt roofing into high end metal roof. This could be one of the best decisions you ever made for your home. You are forgiven if you have still doubts and anxious about the project. Hence, this article will enlighten you about some questions that run at the back of your head. Below are some general metal roofing FAQ that you might want to know.

FAQs about Metal Roofing System

What the heck is Galvalume?

Galvalume is a worldwide technology that produces a special aluminum-zinc alloy which is recognized by the metal Roofing Alliance. Such technology provides two times corrosion resistance because of the galvanized steel. The galvanized steel enables your metal roofing protection and long-term durability. The Galvanized metal roofing can serve your home over 100 years. It is not just an investment which can be passed from generations to generations but also increases the value of your home. Galvalume will not rust even if the paint was pealed out. The stone coated metal roofs however have a 50 years warranty. So, in case you are still in doubt with the price, think about how long it serves.

Is it safe over lightning storm?

Certainly, in fact we installed hundreds and hundreds of metal roofing Virginia in all areas of Virginia and have never had a report or whatsoever that their metal roofs were hit by lighting. Metal can attract lightning and that’s definitely true. But, keep in mind that no one can predict whenever lightning strikes. The lightning rod supposed to attract the lightning which is made grounded to the earth for safety. Since your metal roof is not grounded, this means that they don’t attract lightning which guarantees safety when lightning storm arrives.

Metal Roofing Virginia

Metal Roofing Virginia

It is made of metal, how to keep my attic cooler?

Metal is indeed the number one heat conductor which obviously means that when such technology is installed over your roof, this means that it may generate extreme heat particularly in the summer days. We highly recommend our energy efficient custom working ridge vent which is design to make your attic and interior cooler. We’ve tested our technology over several houses and we have developed two different ways to keep your attic cooler. Moreover, our metal roofing  VA system are energy star colors which the sunbeam will only bounces off and make your attic cooler way beyond you ever know.

It is made of metal, so this means that my roof is loud during rainy season?

That’s a good theory but this case is often be found at the old barns or thin roof. Our customers didn’t even noticed any more noises with their metal roof. Also, believe it or not, your old asphalt roofing is noisier compared with our metal roofing technology.

Is metal roofing durable enough for hailstorms?

Roofs that are made from steel are very durable which are tough enough enduring hailstorms. In fact, our 26 gauge panel is twice as durable compared with tin panel. It would take a massive impact and a large piece of hail which is uncommon in Virginia.

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