Installation of Metal Roofs at Alexandria VA

We, Alpha Rain Inc. install only high-end metal roofing system and guarantees quality service. We’ve been serving and installing this groundbreaking metal roofing in most part of Virginia USA, particularly in Alexandria VA. Our system has an energy efficient design that can help you to diminish your cooling cost, especially during hot summer days.

Metal Roofing Alexandria VA

Metal Roofing Alexandria VA

For over 15 years of experience in the business of metal roofing Virginia, we already run into some of the most delicate problems in terms of roofing installation. We never stop from developing and innovating new products that can help all the Virginians. Aside from developing a cost effective metal roof product, we also design our own patented ventilation system. Our standing seam metal roof is designed to control the heat with the help of the ridge cap. The patented ventilation system will be underneath the metal roofing system. What it does is allowing the fresh air to go underneath the panel and at the same time the hot air will rise.

The average temperature here in Virginia is 94-97 degrees during hot summer days and the attic could be more or less than 150 degrees depending on the design. We tested our patented ventilation system on a particular household. It was 96 degrees outside and 150 on the inside. Once we installed our ventilation system, we tried and test the temperature once again outside. The result is still 96 degrees, but when we try testing the temperature inside the attic, it diminishes from 150 down to 103. This result has never been seen on any ventilation system. Furthermore, it is more effective and affordable. We’ve been researching this type of ventilation system. For over than 10 years of research, we finally accomplished our goal which is providing you energy efficient and affordable prior to metal roofing Alexandria VA and ventilation system.

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