Metal Roofing Courthouse VA | Ventilation System Redefined

Courtyard VA is sometimes recognized as the county seat since homes are owned by county government and justice center consist of centers like jail, courthouse, and headquarters by police. It is known as the transit-oriented neighborhood. This small county consists of high-rise real estate residential and business, commercial buildings and office buildings. The courtyard is the primary base of Verizon and AMC movie theaters. The great county features complexes and mostly garden style apartments built back in the 1930s. The Colonial Village is consisting of many private condominiums, apartments, and co-op housing.

Metal Roofing Courthouse VA

Metal Roofing Courthouse VA

Alpha Rain Incorporated

We, Alpha Rain Incorporated have been installing metal roofs, developing ventilation system, building shingles and set up solar power roofing to many residential homes in the county from homes, condos, and buildings. Perhaps the most challenging task we encounter is installing a metal roof to old homes. Since most homes developed back in many centuries have a lack of ventilation, it causes a lot of problems particularly when it comes to expenses.

As being one of the most prestigious and recognized company in the metal roofing industry, we’ve never stopped to develop serving Virginians with your prime. We have recently developed and design a patented ventilation system that can anyone afford. Our energy efficient ventilation system is powered by Therma-Vent. We strongly believe that other metal roofing businesses could not match our technology, quality, service and affordability.

“We offer our exclusive technology and innovative Metal roofing system which includes our very own patented energy efficient ventilation system by Therma-Vent.”


The development of our work has definitely a never seen before the result. As we install our patented ventilation system, the, eleven and a half years of researching is all worth it. In a certain old house, we tested and check the temperature level from the inside and out. It was 96 degrees and 150 degrees in the attic. Once we installed our latest innovative ventilation system, the result is truly amazing. We checked the temperature once more and it was the same temperature a 96 degree. But, when we tested the attic’s temperature, it was 103 degrees next to the ridge.

Proven and Tested

In order to decrease heat in the attic, old days practices use counter barrier system which may require you to spend bucks with a lesser result. But with our product, the therma-vent defies all odds. If you want to make your home interior to be prepared this coming summer season with fewer expenses, our technology is for you. Our MTO custom solar powered fans, no leak guarantee, and Econo-Metal Roof are the finest product ever built in the roofing industry.

Alpha Rain specialized in Metal Roof Courthouse VA and in most part of Virginia. We offer our exclusive technology and innovative Metal roofing system which includes our very own patented energy efficient ventilation system by Therma-Vent. Our system can save your cooling and heating cost by 30%.

We can prove to anyone that our system works and there is no such company can match our rate and quality in the metal roofing industry. We are grateful and honor to serve you and we thank you in advance.

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