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Leesburg Virginia is a historic town and county of Loudoun Virginia USA. It is located from the west-northwest of Washington DC along with the Catoctin Mountain and Potomac River. The area has a considerable growth rate and development for the past 30 years which transforms the county from a small rural, to piedmont city and suburban community. The county is the mix of historic downtown strip malls, countryside, mountains and best of all affordable housing compared with other nearby regions. Although, there are so many crowds on the weekend, the neighborhoods are friendly and nice.

leesburg va

Leesburg Metal Roofing VA

Alpha Rain Incorporated

We at Alpha Rain Incorporated are truly grateful to be part of this remarkable county serving hundreds and hundreds of homes form roofing renovations, installing a metal roof and proud to present our patented ventilation system powered by Therma-Vent. The locals are indeed knowledgeable and aware when it comes of choosing the right quality and services Leesburg Metal Roofing VA

“Alpha Rain’s Metal Roofing gives value and quality to your home.”

Energy Efficient Roofing System

Our innovative energy efficient ventilation system uses a thermal break to slow down the direct heat transfer coming from the sun. The technology is like an ice chest keeping the cold temperature and the heat remains out. As the hot temperature exits, eventually it will draw in cooler air from the eave which makes it energy efficient. The system works easy with because we are using a logical science fact. As long as the thermal break can stop the heat transfer and the radiant barrier reflect the sunrays, the technology works.

Today, lots of residential home owners in Leesburg Virginia are having the pleasure to minimize their cooling cost. The locals can save 25% up to 50% reduction especially during hot summer days. The main goal of our system is to bring the attic air temperature from 100 degrees down to 70 degrees in summer.

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