Therma Vent System | Next Level of Ventilation

Now that you know where to find the best metal roofing contractors northern Virginia, it’s time for you to look for the finest ventilation system installation. Therma Vent is the high end energy efficient ventilation system provider that guarantees passive green technology. The system includes three ways heating system and these are releasing, reflecting and stopping heat in order to get the most convenient atmosphere inside your home.

How Therma Vent Works?

Therma Vent System

Therma Vent Metal Roof

When it comes with ventilation system, it has the same principle when you put a turkey in your oven. As the heating element is turned on, the turkey will eventually got cooked because of the hot air. When you open the door or your oven, while it is turn on, you won’t be able to cook the turkey after all.

“Our Therma Vent System stop the convective heat by venting the attic and under the roof.”

Connective heat transfer

Now imagine that your oven’s door is opened, you can’t cook anything and it seems like you are just wasting your time and electricity consumption. This is how Therma vent technology works when it comes with heat. Aside from the fact that you are getting all the benefits of having an energy efficient roof, the technology allows the concept of opening the door in order to release heat from your attic or under your roof.

Radiant waves

Radiant heat is a big factor which allows your roof and your ventilation system to heat up overtime. Think about your car for example as you park it on a sunny parking lot without shades. Leave it for about an hour or so, and see how the temperature goes. The Therma Vent Technology on the other hand makes sure that those radiant waves will be reflected back from your attic before it gets into your attic.

Heat Transfer

We cannot deny the fact that metal is a heat conductor which the heat is transferred inside your home particularly with your attic. The Therma Vent can prevent heat transfer that rising through the channels which allows the connective heat to be released. The Therma vent system technology makes sure that your home’s interior will never be the same.

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