Will Stone Coated Metal Roof Retain the Heat During Summer?

Stone coated steel roofing is a premium quality style that cannot be mimicked by other types of shingles. The design was intended to match any style of the building or home structure. This can create more appealing looks that could look more expensive with less durable shingles like wooden or asphalt. The key here prior to this type is that, these can be painted in many different themes so you can match them in any colors. Orange for example is a great way to match exotic home styles which is rarely in the United States.

stone coated metal roof

Stone Coated Metal Roof VA


The stone coated panels are made from Galvalume which means that you don’t have to be anxious about corrosion. The base coat on the other hand is intended for a lifetime in regardless of what kind of climates and area you are located. The stone was simply crushed granite which ensures longevity of service.


Now, when it comes with stone coated metal roof  is it energy efficient during summer, the answer is definitely yes. The stone coated steel roofing system could is not a heat conductor and it is even more efficient compared with asphalt shingle roof. In fact, such roofing system can save every household from 20 up to 25% in energy cost during hot summer. Such style has been around since 1970s, tried and tested. Moreover, home owner insurance companies may offer you discount since your roof is fire resistant, much safer during earthquakes, can handle strong winds and even hurricanes.


Most types of shingles could not replicate the durability and its cunning looks. The style has a very distinctive character which makes your roofing system one of a kind. Modern home owners these days are hooked up with this kind of slate roof.

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