How Radiant Barrier helps in Reducing Heat Gain into my House?

In most cases when it comes with roofing, a good air sealing job and proper ventilation system increase the amount of insulation. According to most metal roofing contractors northern Virginia, these parts must be done first and the radiant barrier can be helpful in order to minimize the temperature level of your home interior. If your roof is covered with light colored coating, your radiant barrier won’t make much difference. However, dark colored roofing with low mass roof, the radiant barrier can reduce the temperature level and heat conduction to your home interior if your roof is made from asphalt shingles.

Roofing colors

colonial-red-standing-seam-metal-roof-1 artcle

Metal Roofing VA

But, if your home roofing is made from contemporary metal materials, the color of your roof is the other way around. Dark colored coating can absorb 70 or even up to 90 percent of the heat that strikes the surface of your home. This results heat gain transferred to the attic making your home pretty much uncomfortable. On the other hand light colored coating reflects the heat away that makes an energy efficient roofing system.

“The most effective way to keep your home cool is to keep those heats away from building up into your roofing.”

Cooling your home

About 70% of unwanted heat builds up from the roofs which are hard to control with traditional roofing materials. When installing metal roof, one good solution is to apply reflective coating and proper ventilation system. Look for standard metal roofing coating that has waterproof and reflective features. Using radiant barrier on the other side of your metal roof is also another effective way to reflect the heat. These barriers are made from aluminum foils with paper backing that can reduce heat gains for about 25% or more when installed and placed properly. In general, radiant barrier can cost for about $0.13 per square meter.


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