Dealing with Hail Damage to Your Roof

During hailstorm your vehicle is not just the only thing that is vulnerable. When hail hits to the area, it can damage the roof of your home as well as other personal properties. Indeed, this kind of weather is destructive and can vary greatly depending on the strong winds. It can affect the types of degree of damage that is impacted by hailstorm.

Strong Wind by Hailstormhail damage

During a hailstorm the wind direction and wind speed can differ. Changes of wind direction conditions can affect your roof leading your property damaged. The size and density of the hailstone can destroy your roof’s coating and can create leaks. Most of these hailstones are rough and without smooth edges which impact the type of damage.

Roofs Materials Matters

Hailstorms can cause dings in aluminum siding, it can also generate great effect to asphalt shingles. It can even crack vinyl. Some hailstones can be huge as softball. And therefore, if you are located in the area which hailstorm happens, it is highly suggested to look for roofing materials that can stand hailstorm and different types of weather. This is where metal roofs come in. Roof made from metal will not just stand against different types of weather. It can also exclude heat which makes the home interior comfortable. Of course, when it comes with metal roof, you need an energy efficient roof ventilation system which generates air flow from the outside and lets the heated air inside the ventilation system transport to the outdoor.

After Hailstorm

After the hailstorm is over whether your home is installed with metal materials, it is still wise to check the roof for any damages. Of course, you cannot determine if there are any damages once the weather is gone. You can seek professional to inspect your roof in order to determine any potential damages.

Alpha Rain Incorporated

We, Alpha Rain Incorporated makers of quality metal roofing in most part of Virginia do not charge any inspections and meeting with home insurance company. We do ask to seek our skills and knowledge for the roofing project if the insurance company pays for the replacement of your roof and we ask for that in writing. If you wish to have a look at some frequently asked questions about Hail damage then you can visit here.

Home Insurance Company

Damages is normal when this type of weather comes in to the area, it can tear shingles, make leaks and other damages that can destroy not just your roof but also your attic and ventilation system. And therefore, if you believe that your home has sustained hail damage after the hailstorm, it is still practical and wise to call agent or insurance to discuss potential problems with your home.

Therma Vent

We at Alpha Rain Incorporated use the new patented ventilation system developed by Therma Vent. The design is highly innovative which is affordable for anyone and everyone who desire to have an effective ventilation system at home. We strongly believe that our competitors in the industry of metal roofing and ventilation system installation have could not match our patented design and pricing.

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