Opt for the Most Energy Efficient Roofing System VA

Using energy-efficient roofing materials will dramatically reduce your household’s energy. It is an ideal roofing system especially these days where energy prices are only going up. Minimizing the heat buildup in your homes attic will significantly lessen the monthly electricity consumption during the summer months. Even though it seems that metal roofing can be more expensive compared with other materials, it is an investment that you’ll never regret.You will no longer have to worry replacing you roof in 15-20 years, this is a lifetime investment for your property.


The type of roof plays a vital role when it comes to theheat in your attic and cooling of your home. The roof covered by an efficient energy star metal coating can reflect the sunlight and heat. Traditional roofing materials only reflect 5 percent of heat from the sun which makes your homes’ attic and interior’s temperature extremely hot. However, metal roofing coated with low gloss energy star paint will reflect more of the heat sometimes up to45%, and the remaining55% we are able to remove by the new patented Therma Ventilation system that is installed under the roof.

Metal Roofs

energy efficient roof system

This type of metal roofing is has traditionally been used by for older historic homes and commercial and industrial buildings. However, as of the last 20 years the Residential markets have seen a huge change and now over 10% of all roofs in America are covered with a Metal roof.  Cool energy star coating has additional benefits to improve the coolness inside the structure. Also with a metal roof it is able to naturally wash off the debris when it rains, and if a tree drops sap or other unwanted particles that rain does not wash off, metal roofs can be easily cleans with safe cleaners unlike shingle roofs.

Ventilation System

One of the most common problems, when it comes to the homes interior, is the ventilation system. Many households today are suffering from extreme heat in the attic and interior and they have to turn the thermostat of their air-conditioning system down lower to keep the inside bearable, because of the inefficiency of ventilation or lack of ventilation system. While the basic principle of an effective ventilation system is quite simple and that is hot air escaping the attics ridge and bringing in fresh cooler air from the soffit area.

Alpha Rain Incorporated

We, Alpha Rain Incorporated have been installing metal roofing in Virginia and ventilation system for quite some time now. We understand most people think about the phase metal roof and think “expensive.” Therefore, we have developed an energy efficient roof system that is affordable to the average home owner. We strongly believe that Noother company that installs metal roofing can match our quality, knowledge or provide you with any type of ventilation system like the Therma Vent system.

Metal roofing VA

Solar roofing fans

For years and years of service, most homeowners and buildings in Virginia have only one problem and that is their ventilation system. Therefore, with years of experience and keen research, we have developed our very own patented ventilation system which can be powered by solar roofing fans if needed. We tested our system with 151 degrees of heat inside the attic. We change the things that must be corrected with the design including the airflow system and the channels installing our patented ventilation system design called Therma Vent. We checked the temperature levels. The heat dramatically was minimized from 151 to 103 degrees in the peak of the attic and down to 96 degrees at the base of the attic. The amazing part was that the outside air temperature for both of that attic temperature tests was 96 degrees; this has never been found in any ventilation system on the market that we have found. In fact this test was done on the darkest black asphalt shingle roof and we found that the hotter the air the faster the ventilation system worked and the result were almost unbelievable, in fact some do say that was we accomplished is impossible.

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