Snow Birds for Metal Roofs VA

Summer is almost over and you can already imagine the cold breeze. Such colder climates residential homeowners and building owners should consider the potential liability of snow or avalanche coming from their metal roof. As the cold weather breaks and the sun is up, eventually, the ice melts on the surface of the roof panel which makesnow and ice slide of the roof, and normally on a newer or smooth metal roof whole slope of snow or a large part will slide off all at once. Potentially, it could cause injuries or even worse, death to pedestrians. We have over 15 years in the metal roofing experience in the industry; allow us to educate you about the importance of snow birds for metal roofs.

Important features

Snow Birds for Metal roofs

Snow Birds for Metal roofs

The most important features when selecting snow guards or snow birds for metal roofs are the height, shape and width. These features will determine the ability to hold back the heavy ice and snow in layers. Flat face snow guards should have at least a few inches across the stands which are mounted in the lowest portion of the metal roofing panel.  The snow birds are installed with set screws that tightin onto the metal roof seam.  The metal roofing system’s rail bar should be flat or a square tube that has an ice stopper on it. In this subject matter, installing the rail or bar is the key in keeping the snow from sliding under or over the bar or rail.

Roof’s style and appearance

Snow Birds

If you are concern about the looks of your roof after installing them, then you should worry less because most metal roofing contractors include the exact materials, texture and color when installing them on your roof.  Also the Superb Companies have all their snow birds powder coated the same color as the prepainted metal roof. This allows your home to have a flawless match which is almost unrecognizable that blends the snow birds to the roof’s coating.

Metal roofs

Roofs that are made from metal can greatly benefit with these snow birds. It will not just avoid snow avalanche coming from your roof but also keeps your roof from damages. Roof guards must be installed in every home’s entry including the main entrance, back door, garage, lawns, patios and all parts of the house which people usually can go. You can install snow birds or snow guards by yourself either using metal glue or screw.

Metal roofing contractor

If you want to make sure that you and your family are safe against the possibilities of avalanche from your roof, then probably you have to leave the job to professionals. We Alpha Rain Incorporated makers of high-quality metal roofing and energy efficient roof system is your best option for the job. We are knowledgeable about this matter and we guarantee that the roof guards will be installed where they should be placed. With our strategic planning position at home entries including the garage doors, pathways, and side areas where people usually come and go, you can rest assure that snows will stay on your roof keeping you and your family safe from falling snow or Ice. Alpha Rain Incorporated installs snow bird all over Virginia. Learn how effective our snow guard formation is by clicking on the link here.

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