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When it comes to home or office interiors, it is crucial to provide a comfortable, cozy, healthy and cool atmosphere. An effective ventilation system for commercial buildings and residential homes has been always the primary concern of home or building developers and owners. The effectiveness of a ventilation system can be determined on how hot it is in the attic or living space below the roof. Basically, system that vent properly will allow the hot air to escape or never enter the attic in the first place. The perfect ventilation system that that has been only theory until now is one that is able to keep the base of the attic the same temperature as the outside air temperature.

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Patented Roof Ventilation System

Energy Consumption VA

Approximately, 21% of the primary energy that is used in Virginia alone is due to ventilation systems. In fact, it is increasingly becoming a big factor to the overall space conditioning consumption of energy. Therefore, having an effective ventilation system can minimize and reduce energy consumption. It is a reasonable step for every homeowner and commercial offices to have a better performing ventilation system without compromising all the green in your wallet.

The design of an effective ventilation system all comes back to 3 basic principles of heat transference.The three ways that heat is transfer is Direct, Radiant and Thermal, if ventilation system is able to stop all three ways that heat is transferred then it will have a change at being able to have the base of the attic the same as the outside air temperature. Unfortunately there is no ventilation system that even talks about all three ways that head is transferred much less tried and addresses them. That is except the Therma Vent System. This is the only system that not only talks about all three ways that heat is transfers it actually address them, and it does this so effectively that it is able to get the base of the attic down to the same as the outside air temperature based on numerous test with the same results.
Your particular project will vary depending in or the system is installed based on the size, shape and the materials used in the roof construction. The balance of air flow under and over the roof must be anticipated. It is advisable to seek professional help to look at the roofing construction and then ask for suggested ventilation options. Care and proper installation must be taken concerning how the air enters and exits. The air should be able to escape properlyas much as possible in order to avoid extreme temperature.

Efficient Ventilation System Alpha Rain Inc

We Alpha Rain Inc. have been in the metal roofing and ventilation system installation business for more than 15 years. We understand how our clients have to deal with their old ventilation systems or lack of them. In fact, it is commonly one of the biggest problems by residential homeowners in most parts of Virginia and the country. Due to a high-temperature problem without a proper ventilation system, it produces extreme heat that makes the home very uncomfortable, especially if you have a second floor. Chances are, most people will increase the thermostat of their air-conditioner unit or perhaps buy a larger AC unit to deal with the problem. Air conditioning can truly cool the area. However, how about the energy cost?

The Alpha Rain Inc.

We Alpha Rain Incorporated serving the area for over a decade and half in the metal roofing industry in Virginia have developed and install the Therma Vent system. This is an affordable patented roof ventilation system. We understand how you want to minimize your expenses. Indeed, having the most effective ventilation system involves a little investment to achieve effective results. But, using our state-of-the-art innovated ventilation system with eco-friendly techniques, you can have a remarkable ventilation system which decreases the extreme heat from your attic making your living space more temperate and comfortable.

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