Metal Roofing Leesburg VA

Leesburg is one of the most historic towns in Loudoun County Virginia. The town is located to the west of Fairfax County and Washington DC in the northern part of Loudoun County.  Piedmont is known as the “Culpeper Basin” which is recognized as the inland sea during the period of dinosaurs. Leesburg is a beautiful village blended with historical sites such as the old civil war area. These days, Leesburg continues to develop commercial business and serve as the center government of Loudoun County. According to the latest census Leesburg population has reach over 47,000, with residential homes and commercial offices continues to develop.

Buildings and Residential Homes

Today, residential homes and commercial spaces are designed to be more air-tight so that the HVAC system can work efficiently and can reduce energy cost. However, some residential homes new and old alike do not have the proper ventilation in the attics and roofing system due to improper installation of lack of vents being installed.

If your home was constructed in the last twenty years or so, chances are you’re home has some type of ventilation in the attic.  Even though, we have seen new homes with no ventilation in the attic which will cause problems like excessive heat built up in the attic.  The tests we have done in attics with proper ventilation shows temperatures of 130 degrees on a 95 degree day and temperature of over 150 on the average home’s attic.

Metal Roofing Company Leesburg

We Alpha Rain Incorporated know the 3 ways that heat is transferred and have created and now installed the Therma Vent system that stops all three ways that heat is transferred.  We have installed this under roof ventilation system in many homes in Leesburg VA and have had the same amazing results. We are able to change attic temperature from the hot 130-150 degree plus down to 103 degree which has never been seen before on any attic or roofing ventilation system in America.

For over 15 years of service, we understand the important component of energy efficiency both in residential homes and buildings. Innovated insulation and improved ventilation system will make your building reduce its energy consumption which keeps the power bill down. We ensure an adequate flow of fresh air without compromising HVAC system. We developed a patented ventilation system with a custom vented ridge that allows the hot air to escape.

metal roofing company

Custom Vented Ridge

As a prestigious metal roofing company in Virginia, we invested our forward thinking and developed our Therma-vent system in many historic types of ventilation and modern residential homes in most areas of Loudoun County. We have complete many metal roofing and ventilation projects in Leesburg providing energy efficient metal roofing and the most convenient ventilation system. We strongly believe that our competitors in the metal roofing industry can’t match our revolutionized metal roofing and ventilation system with reasonable price. The Therma vent system is accurately designed to stop all the three ways that heat is transferred which we can also add solar powered DC fans to allow for even more ventilation.

We provide upgraded metal roofing materials against all kind of weather. We guarantee that you are going to be surprised or even astonish with our superb quality metal roofing designs. Probably, you have pictured your roof with rusty corrugated steel, but it will be total the opposite. Your roof will have its magnificent looks with beautiful lines created by our well thought out designs with metal shingles tiles.Our quality of metal details and quality is top notch along with all our custom metal flashing and ridge caps. Your house could look like an average house, but with our metal roofing design and patented ventilation system, your house will look like a million bucks.

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