Alpha Rain – Expert Roofing Contractors in Northern Virginia

So you’ve decided to upgrade your roof since you are convinced that metal roofing is a profitable investment in the long term. The next step you are going to do is hiring a metal roofing contractor that suits your needs and budget. But the question is, do you know where to start? Here are some practical tips you need to know before hiring a metal roofing contractor.

First thing first

Of course, the best place to start doing your research is basic searches on the internet. On the web, probably you’ll be overwhelmed and confused with so many roofing contractors that state they install metal roofs. The first thing you must do is to eliminate the counterfeits contractors.

There are some contractors that are claiming that they are the best in terms of metal roofing installation, but in reality they are just a bunch of amateurs. Never fall for this trap, just because they offer the cheapest price does not necessarily mean they are the best in the business. Some contractors may require large upfront down payments, but afterwards once they start the job might leave to start another job to get that down payment, or they might never show up at all. Always think twice and do some backgrounds checks about the company and the contractor you are dealing with, always check referrals, and ask neighbors who might have the particular contractor work for them how they treated them as customers.

Compare price, warranty, and quality

When looking for the best company in terms of metal roofing in Leesburg VA, keep in mind that each of the contractors has its own price range. Yet again, remember that this is an investing with your own house and you always get what you paid for. Aside from the price, your main concern is the quality together with the warranty. It is essential to check out the warranty of the service including leak problems, and paint warranty.


Before signing the contract, make sure you understand the terms, policies and what that particular contractor has promised to deliver. It is wise on your part to keep the contract in case that the contractor fails to achieve what was agreed upon. Also, ensure that the contractor has its license and insurance in case there in the off chance there might be any damages during the installation.

Alpha Rain Incorporated

metal roofing in leesburg va

Metal Roofing in Leesburg VA

Now that you know the practical tips for hiring roofing contractors Northern Virginia, how about putting Alpha rain incorporated at the top of your list. Alpha Rain Incorporated installs strictly the first-rate metal roofing systems comes with 35 years manufacturer warranty both on paint, peeling, and fading by Sheffield metals.

Alpha Rain Incorporated has been in the metal roofing business solely for over 15 years providing superior quality at reasonable price. Moreover, they have developed a patented air flow ventilation system called the Therma-Vent. This ventilation system took more than 9 years just to provide air flow system effectiveness which decreases the temperature of residential homes in their attics by as much as 50 degrees. The ventilation system by the Alpha Rain Inc. is a fully innovated thermal technology which allows your air-conditioner to work less and save money in the long run. Why not call today at 540-222-1642.

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