Get Superior Ventilation System in Virginia

Indeed, metal roofing offers many benefits in homes and commercial establishments. One of the obvious reasons is its toughness. Compared to other roofing materials such as asphalt, tile and wood, nothing beats the cost efficiency and resiliency of a metal roofing system.

Toughness and Durabilitymetal roofing virginia

Roofs that are made from metal can last from 80 up to 100 years and in some cases longer, and the maintenance is almost nonexistent within the lifetime of a metal roof. It can survive storms, blizzards and protects you and your family from those harsh climates. In fact, many homeowners today prefer metal roofing because of its remarkable longevity. It is also resistant to fire and can even withstand natural disasters such as high winds and hail.

Drawbacks of Roofing

Even though metal roofing is the best in class in referring to reflecting the heat away from its surface with a energy star paint created by NASA, you cannot over look the  fact that heat will be generated and absorbed from the outside into the interior. Therefore, if you decided to upgrade or modify your roofing into metal materials, it is essential to consider a proper under roof ventilation system. This will make sure that the hot temperature will not penetrate your roof and then into your attic and finally fight against your AC unit by trying to come inside your home.

Purpose of Under Roof Ventilation System

The idea behind a under roof ventilation system is to stop the heat from entering your house by reducing your attic air temperature.  A perfect ventilation system will stop all three ways heat can be transferred which is direct heat, radiant heat, and convective heat.  Finding a ventilation system that stops all three ways heat is transferred is almost impossible to find and even more of an impossibility to accomplish.  However, we did find a system that stops all three ways heat is transferred completely.  We know this by the testing done that shows the same outside air temperature inside the base of the attic as is the outside ambient air temperature.

Assessing your Ventilation System Performance

  • Does the ventilation system provide sufficient air ventilation?
  • Is the ventilation system allowing air to escape from the ridge vent and bring in cooler air?
  • How efficient is the ventilation system when it comes to minimizing the temperature level?
  • How efficient is the system by testing your attic air temperature?

Superior Technology Ventilation System VA

We, Alpha Rain incorporated, one of the finest roofing contractors northern Virginia developed an original therma vent system which has revolutionized the metal roofing and ventilation industry. The Therma-Vent system is installed directly under the metal roof employing venting at the bottom of the roof and a proper vented ridge vent at the top.  This system stops all three ways heat is transferred making it the most energy efficient ventilation system in American to date.  In fact there is not another ventilation system that can be more efficient.  We have tested the temperatures with a heat of 96 degrees outside and a temperature of 150 degrees in the attic.  After the therma-vent installation, it reduces the temperature down to 103 degree in the peak of the attic and the same 96 degrees inside the attic at the base.  When the attic air temperature at the base where the insulation is installed is the same temperature as the outside that means all three ways heat is transferred have been stopped.   You now have the most energy efficient ventilation system in the world when this happens, because you cannot draw the attic air temperature down below the outside air temperature without installing an AC unit to cool your attic.

Energy Efficient Roof Ventilation System

We believe that our competition of metal roofing contractors northern Virginia will not be able to provide you with the same results. We, Alpha Rain Inc. metal roofing company and makers of superior in quality metal roofing and ventilation systems have been in the industry for over the 15 years. Our patented ventilation system includes MTO custom energy efficient solar powered fans and metal roofing design that offers an economic price for everyone. We install top of the line metal roofing materials which comes with a 35 years warranty, and the finest thermal ventilation technology in the World.

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