Metal Roof Green Building Technology

When it comes to durability and reliability nothing beats a roof made of metal. Metal roofing is a durable material which protects your home or commercial space from fire and hash climates such as storms or blizzards. In fact, the demand of metal roofing has increases over the past decades considerable.  It is a proven material that is a better alternative than traditional shingles. Moreover, it provides numerous benefits to you home such as lasting beauty and low maintenance. Most green home builders today are using the advantages of metal roofing, which is available with various types, styles and colors.

Efficiency and environmentally friendly

Metal roofing includes a Prepainted finish that comes in over 30 colors that are all energy star paints, even the dark colors are energy star approve such as Matte Black. This technology was developed by NASA for the space shuttle and it reflects the heat from the sun away from your roof and home. It helps the house stay cooler by up to 25% compared to other materials. Also, metal roofing can last for over 80 years with hardly any maintenance required. Unlike Asphalt shingles and wood shake shingles which are dumped into landfills annually, metal can be recycled and turn into another steel material which makes your roof eco-friendly.

Ventilation system

metal roofing virginia

Your home modification would not be completed without the state of the art ventilation system. Ventilation systems deliver several benefits. One in particular is how much we are able to drop the temperature in your attic. We cannot deny the fact that metal gets hot when exposed to high temperatures or to the direct sunlight and can get cold when winter comes. Metal is a good conductor, which means it changes its temperature quickly and stays very close to the air temperature. Therefore, when installing, metal roofing, always consider an efficient ventilation system.

Excess humidity

If your attic is not properly vented or has no way to escape the hot air, you can have a serious problem that could turn into mold and mildew.  This can cause all sorts of problems including hazardous air inside you home which will cause health problems, this should not be taken lightly. Not to mention the damage it can cause to the surfaces in your home. An effective ventilation system which will properly vent out the hot air in the summer and allow the moist air to escape during the winter months is a must in all homes.

Alpha Rain Incautomatic natural ventilation system

Alpha Rain Incorporated provides economical metal roofing Virginia for both residential and commercial establishments.  We provide superior quality and craftsmanship in the roofing industry for over a decade and a half.  Alpha Rain is committed to the development of affordable eco-friendly home technologies. We have be in the research and development for over 10 years on our now patented under roof ventilation system called Therma Vent. This automatic natural ventilation system allowing your home’s attic to obtain cooler temperature during the hot summer days.  Tests from real homes that we have installed this ventilation system on, we have found that we can drop the average attic temperature by over 50 degrees.  The technology of our ventilation system helps to reduce energy consumption, by having an attic that stays the same or within a few degrees of the outside air temperature.  This will keep your AC from running as long especially during the peak of summer.  The highly innovated self-ventilation system will release the hot air temperature from the ridge vent and allow for the ambient air to enter in through our patented roof eave vent.  The ventilation system is tried and tested allowing the hot temperature to decrease up to 35-40%. You will simply enjoy cooler surroundings during the summer months.

Alpha Rain Incorporated is a highly reputable metal roofing company and exclusively provides the patented self-ventilating system to its own customers, we offer metal roofing material that have a 35 years warranty on the paint from flaking and fading. Our company offers low gloss matte coating that is greatly effective optimizing energy efficiency. We developed a patented roof ventilating system powered by Therma-vent dropping the temperature from 150 degrees down to 96 degrees.

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