Metal Roofing and Ventilation System in Leesburg VA

Upgrading your roof and ventilation system is one of the greatest investments and decisions you could make when it comes to your home. Metal roofing is a wonderful material that you should put at the top of your list. In fact, metal roofing is one of the most popular and practical roofing products on the market today. Compared with traditional roofing systems such as wood shakes or asphalt shingle, metal roofing offers great advantages including longer life span, durability, low maintenance cost and awesome thermal properties. When you are looking for the right metal roofing installation system, there are two things that you must consider and these are what experience in metal roof installation does the company have and what type of passive ventilation do they use.

metal roofing virginiaAlpha Rain Metal Roofing in Leesburg VA

Alpha Rain Incorporated is one of the leading installers in terms of metal roofing installation in Virginia. For over 15 years, Alpha Rain has provided quality metal roofing installation and serves as a reliable metal roofing company. Moreover, we have developed proper ventilation systems which lowers the temperature using a patented metal roofing ventilation system called Therma Vent. The ventilation system can successfully lower the attic‘s temperature from 35%  which makes Alpha Rain ventilation system effective and efficient all throughout America.

Alpha Rain’s ventilation system and roofing requires much less maintenance compared with wood shakes and asphalt shingles The metal roofing system retains its value longer and can become an asset which increases the value of your house if you decided to sell it. In fact Metal roofs give your home a huge advantage when it comes to resell. Moreover, metal roofing by Alpha Rain has a high impact rating and is fire resistant and durable for any kinds of calamities such as wildfire, strong winds, and hail. The design is non-corrosive and  provides your home safe and secured roofing and a cooler attic and home through our ventilation system.

Thermal ventilation systems have many advantages; by lowering your attic temperature it reduces cooling cost. The Therma Vent system uses passive ventilation to release the heat during the hottest part of the day and unlike asphalt shingles it does not retain heat and keep the attic warm throughout the night.

Alpha Rain, the metal roofing company, provides quality products which are tried and tested  such as our patented Therma Vent system. We believe our competitors in the industry of metal roofing could not provide the same quality roofing systems nor can they compete with our Therma Vent system when comparing its amazing results. Alpha Rain incorporated uses only superior metal in its installations which include a 35 year warranty on the paint alone as well as the patented galvalume alloy.

In summary, two of the great benefits of metal roofing in Leesburg VA is the long term investment of metal roofs and the energy savings due to lower attic temperatures.

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