Know the Benefits of a Metal Roofing System for Your Home – Alpha Rain

Metal has been one of the primary materials of choice when it comes to roofing. For many centuries, its toughness and durability were proven and tested. In fact, there are many other construction materials for roofing such as wood, tile, concrete and asphalt. Yet, nothing beats its striking balance in terms of cost efficiency, design and resilience.

metal roofing

Perhaps some people prefer to use wood shake since it is slightly cheaper compared with metal roofing, However, it requires frequent repairs especially if you are living near tropical areas where the weather can be extremely hot, humid, and windy. In other words, the roof structure must be reinforced in order to maintain its effectiveness. Others may prefer lightweight fireproof asbestos which are not highly recommended and banned because it can cause harmful effects to human health.

Truly, metal roofing is becoming more and more popular, regardless of where you are located, since it has an exceptionally long life span and basically has little or no cost for repairs. While metal roofing is initially more costly compared to other materials due to its durability, it is actually cheaper compared with maintenance and repairs in terms of a cost per year basis. It does not make sense to go cheap when you have to spend most of your money on repairs and reroofing with other materials.

Maintaining your metal roofing is not a major issue, in fact, a properly installed metal roof will not have any ongoing repairs or maintenance needed other than a few place that need to be checked for caulking. It is normally relatively easy to keep up without costing you a lot of money. Well maintained metal roofing can last as long as 70 up to 100 years. It has a high strength to weight ratio, fire resistant and can even withstand heavy winds and earthquakes. Moreover, there are many types of designs you can choose from when installing your metal roofing regardless of the size, shapes and colors you prefer. Metal roofing is also eco-friendly since the metal can be recycled even if it is aluminum, galvalume, or copper. Overall, metal roofing is a real investment in your future since it has a long lasting quality. Besides, it is your home, so why not use materials that are easy to maintain, durable, and eco-friendly.

So, if you already have decided metal roofing will be installed at your home, you can never go wrong with Alpha Rain Incorporated. Alpha Rain Incorporated is a highly reputable organization both offline and online that has been in the metal roofing industry for over 15 years and it is recognized by many as Virginia’s research and development leader with affordable green home technology. Green home technology is a highly efficient energy roof system which is only exclusive for Alpha Rain Incorporated, they are metal roofing contractors in northern Virginia with proven and tested designs which include building innovations such as ICF’s with foot thick polystyrene walls and efficient ventilating system.

Alpha Rain offers economical metal roofing materials from basic, to premium to platinum. The basic metal roofing comes with No leak Metal Pipe Cones and W Valley’s, while the premium ones are designed with ventilation at the eaves and ridges. The Platinum option features the under metal roof patented Therma Vent and radiant barrier system.

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